Borderline Personality Disorder VS. Bi Polar Disorder

What is it anyways? Same thing as bi polar disorder?

Personally, these are the two hardest questions to answer. I could go with the National Institute of Mental Health definition but you can google nonsense later.. *alexa, set reminder to google cute pygmy goats*

The best way I can define it from my experience is; when your knowledge jumps out the window and your physical brain is locked in the bathroom while your emotions run rampage in the house like 2 year olds high off pixie sticks.

I am so sorry if you have 2 year olds by the way.. bless your soul!

Now, it may read similar to bi polar disorder but they are different in appearances: Borderline personality disorder is like the MBTA red line (if you’re not from Boston just think of the horrendous public transportation in your state). Sometimes it runs smoothly, stays enroute and only stops at its normal stations as predicted and sometimes it’s a 3 hour delay, catches on fire or runs off the track. Bi polar disorder is like a swing set. It goes up but surely goes down and then up again then down again. It doesn’t swing side to side just up and down you go — somewhat a stationary high and low no matter the external environment.

No one really wants to talk about borderline personality disorders especially when you suffer from it. Many clinicians actually deny treating patients with BPD. It can be a lot and not many are trained for it. Shit, professionals can’t manage it. Look at iT this way; there are psychosis disorders on one side and neurosis disorders on the other. You can’t treat psychosis disorders with neurosis disorder treatments and vice versa — it can actually make it worse. BPD is dead smack center stage like a deer in headlights.. so how the fuck do you treat it then?! It’s a working progress and if you’re out there; find comfort in knowing we’re here with you.

The real kicker for me is learning that BPD is often associated with post traumatic stress disorder. Between 25% and 60% of people with BPD also have PTSD. This rate is much higher than what is seen in the general population. I know, I’m sorry but I had to throw a lame statistic in there. Both BPD and PTSD are believed to stem from traumatic events, specifically adolescent trauma.

Now, the big question is.. *make the Dun Dun sound from Law & Order* Nicole, what childhood trauma was that?

OK, so I felt guilt and googled more information and resources for you below.

Don’t forget the claps & comments friends :) What should we write about next?! I’m an open book… literally this is the internet and it never goes away..

Throughout reading these articles, please remember to take breaks and know that you’re not alone. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1–800–273–8255

Confessions & Oversharing the Best and Worse of living with Borderline Personality Disorder

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